Thursday, January 8, 2009

Things in motion, stay in motion

Whew, who knew that things could change so fast. We are suddenly on a race and I am not sure where the end is.

My loving husband called on Tuesday to say that he had been accepted to a school that he wants to go to. That is wonderful news, because coming out of this school should be a nice bonus and a promotion.

So would you like to see my countdown.

  • 6 weeks until I have to be at my Grandmother's 80th birthday

  • 7 weeks until much needed yard sale.

  • 8 weeks until packers are here

  • 8 weeks + 3 days until final check out and hit the road for California

Can you even imagine? Amazingly I have not had a major panic attack, but it will come all in good timing. Our girl, C is super excited about everything but the car trip. She will be my bouncer. Someone to bounce ideas off of and help me scheme to make this trip fabulous.

Our plan is to stop and have a couple of days in San Antonio. The riverwalk area is one of my husband's favorites and he wants to show us around. Then we will book it to the California coastline. We have a few friends waiting on us there and fortunately they already know there way around. We bought a TomTom and I am working on figuring out how to use it.

Now, I need all of your help. I went to Target last night looking for car games and there were none to be had. So what are your ideas for keeping a 4 and 7 yr old entertained on a 3 day trip?

And if any of you have lived in the San Diego are please spill the beans. I want to know everything. Best (and worst) place to live, to eat, to shop, and to have fun. This is a whole new ball game for us and we need you.


Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Hey Amanda! Thanks so much for leaving Hayli a birthday greeting and for sharing some sailor wisdom with her. I know she will appreciate that so much!

As for San Antonio, I got to go there in August and you will absolutely LOVE it.

As for San Diego, I have no clue. Can't help you there. :)

Car games? I pay my kids according to how long they nap. Seriously. It works

mindi said...

oooh, good luck on the car trip!! We play I spy and then I really pray they sleep!!!