Friday, February 13, 2009

My Baby, My Boy

I have recently had to accept the dreaded fate that my little boy is growing up. Where have the years gone? He used to want to cuddle and be held. Now he wants to run down the street alone.
We have lived with a blue blanket for the last 4 years. We never dare to leave the house or go to bed without it. Now he is voluntarily leaving the blanket behind and does not hunt for it prior to bedtime. I have learned that I was getting as much comfort out of that blanket as he was. It symbolized my baby and now he wants to out grow it.

Two years ago, my little man received a John Deere bicycle for Christmas. He was not tall enough to reach the peddles and so to ride it someone had to walk with him and pull the bicycle along. What a pain it was. With all the new little boys on our street, J wanted to ride his bike. Lo and behold, he fit. We has so excited that he could not only reach the peddles, but turn the peddles around and around and around the block twice. Hooray for you little man.

My last proof, that my boy is growing up was just yesterday. With a house full of kids that were starting to argue, I asked everyone if they would like to go for a walk/bike around the block. Everyone was in and we headed out. On our second loop, J was lagging behind and I asked if he wanted to me to get the stroller out and push him around one more time. He promptly told me "strollers are for babies." Boohoo, I want my baby back.

So there you see, my life has changed and I am not to sure that I am happy about it.


mindi said...

Awww - he is definitely growing up :) But you'll be thrilled to see the man that he will become!

Mississippi Girl said...

He is a CUTE growing little boy, though! Glad to see things are going well!