Saturday, April 11, 2009

Apologia - Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day

I loved that we got the chance to review Apologia science. The kids and I have drooled over the pictures in Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day. A Zoology textbook with a basis in creation science that is focused on the homeschooling families.

This Apologia book that we were able to review was a great textbook with activities and experiments built into the lessons. I cannot sit and read to C very much, her mind wonders, and so I was worried about how to incorporate this textbook to our day. We looked at the book and focused on the vocabulary words that are in bold. Once we started talking about the vocabulary words she wanted to know more. She also knew that we had to get through the pages before she was allowed to do the activities or experiments. Having a little goal, kept her more focused.
I think every Christian parent looks for a science curriculum that is based in Creation instead of evolution type science that we learned in the public schools. Apologia has had their priorities on homeschoolers since 1994 when homeschool parents went looking for an alternative. Apologia was born then and the Apologia family has grown every since and has plans to add to their product list.

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