Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Free Ice Cream

We went down to Seaport Village today to get our free ice cream scoop from Ben and Jerry's. Thanks you Ben and Jerry's for the ice cream, even the one that C dropped on the ground.

Here is C enjoying my Peanut Butter cookie dough. I got maybe 2 licks off of it before hers hit the ground. She probably could have gotten another one because we had just walked away from the window, but I figured maybe someone was telling me I did not need ice cream. C did let me eat the cone, which is delicious all by itself.

Here is my little man taking a bite out of his Chunky Monkey ice cream. Once he heard the word Monkey, no other ice cream existed for him. He ate every last bite, well except for the drops that ran down his arm, or dripped on the table, or stuck to his face.
Good time was had by all.
The phone takes pretty good pictures.

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