Saturday, May 2, 2009

Memoria Press

I waited somewhat impatiently for the Memoria Press books to arrive and I have not been disappointed. Memoria Press books and curriculum is based on a classical education. The lessons lasted longer than C would have liked, but I think part of that was due to her teacher. I was so interested in every part of these books.

The Introduction to Latin books and the Famous Men of Rome books are unbelievably well put together. With these two sets of books, Memoria Press has combined history (which I love) with Latin (which I am dying to know more of). My head swims with all the knew information that I am soaking up. I hope that my excitement is wearing off on the kids.

The Latina Christiana I: Introduction to Latin books are easy to navigate and teach. There are vocabulary words, grammar, and a Latin saying. I love how the vocabulary words start simple. The words are easily applied to English words that kids can associate with. I am not sure how much C is retaining but I am enjoying teaching her.

The Famous Men of Rome books are fabulous. What an exceptionally great period of history to be looking further into. Being a product of public schools, I can assure you that this information was not taught. To be honest, C has a hard time focusing on the stories. I think that she just cannot imagine it all. So I am looking for ways to make her feel the story. You will not be sorry with the Famous Men of Rome books.

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