Saturday, May 2, 2009

Math Tutor DVD

Math Tutor DVD has come up with a way to make math a little less stressful. Their math DVD's offer many hours of instruction in math lessons that can become a bit dry and confusing. One method and one way is the best way to teach math, in my opinion. Using the Math Tutor DVD's, your child is taught through example problems and repetition.

The Basic Math and Algebra 2 DVD's are just two of the many DVD's available from Math Tutor. You will easily find the right DVD for your student.

This program works great for the independent worker, but I easily found my daughter staring into space or drawing on her paper. That could be linked to 2 things, 1) she was bored and already knew what she was learning since she is pretty decent math student or 2) it did not interest. I really did not push to hard because I think that she has basic math down pretty well and Algebra 2 will be in a few years. Interesting though, the 2nd day that C watched a part of the video, I found my son staring at the TV, soaking every bit of it up. So I am excited to return to this video in the next couple of year with J. Now if I can just get him to write his numbers we will be moving in the right direction.

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