Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Quick Update

We had a complete change of plans. Thank you Uncle Sam and US Navy. We moved a little bit further north, on base, and into a bigger house. Not much to complain about there. So between unpacking, spending time at the pool and beach, and getting all that lovely paper work done, there has not been much time for blogland.

This has been our summer. Yay for us! We have family coming during the month of July, so we will get well acquainted with the airport and enjoy parts of sunny California that we have yet to see.
Our school plans are changing a bit and it looks like I could have one homeschooler and one public schooler. We will see, I am not pushing the issue, but I am being pushed by some family member. So my hubby and I made the decision to not let their opinions influence our family. That has already helped with the stress of that decision. I will let you know where the good Lord leads us.
I did find a website that I love and will use with my 4(almost 5) year old this year. if you get a chance, go check out all the cuteness. The Crafty Crow. This links to the ABC section, but there is so much more.

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