Tuesday, July 21, 2009

August 2009 from Econobusters

If you have never read one of the monthly e-books from Molly at Econobusters, then this is the month to try it. The August e-book is full of ideas to get you, your family, and your home organized just in time for that new school year. We will not start school until September, but with the month of August covered up with visits from our family, we want to be organized and ready for anything. There is so much information and simple ideas here; you will be motivated to tackle those jobs that have been on your to-do list all year. “Practical and tactical” is my husband’s motto for cleaning and I have some ideas to give him or maybe I can just get him to read the e-book.

Maybe you have already started back to school or maybe the year is approaching at warp speed, Molly has many ideas for the kitchen in this issue. There are recipes that are going to give you peace of mind when your school year starts. Using mixes to prep in bulk will save you time and money. For soups, cookies, muffins, and rice you can have them prepped and waiting for you. Just think you can have simple mixes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner all ready and in your pantry for the coming months. If your children help you measure and prepare these mixes, then that counts as summer school. Keep those recipe ideas coming, I love many of the ideas that I see here.

Finally, at the end of the August e-book is a list of links to all the information that Molly has used. I find it so helpful to put all the links and websites in one place. I hope you will be encouraged to use this information to make your home and life as organized and relaxed as possible.

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