Thursday, August 6, 2009

Still Summer

It is still summer time to me and we are finally enjoying some down time. Once we got moved in military housing just before 4th of July, we began to feel a bit more settled and ready to enjoy some time of nothing. And we have. The house is set and friends have been made. we get daily use out of the closest playground

We are making some decisions about school. C would like to attend public school this year, I don't blame her one bit. This past year has been difficult on her. We began homeschooling to pull her out of a school situation that she was in. Two moves later, she misses the friendship that she had at school prior to our move from AL to MS. So it has been quite a while since she has had some good girlfriends.

Homeschool is still in our line of sight though. J will be doing a modified preschool/kindergarten program. Basically we are going to beef up the prek stuff, add in things he enjoys, and run off on every bunny trail he would like to study.

We never know what the future holds, so we are mentally preparing for every possibility. C could stay in school or come home, if R deploys we may not stay here at all (we are across country from our family), and J could go into Kinder next year, test into 1st, or stay home and continue homeschooling. Right now, we are living in the summer and not worry about the what ifs.

Hope you are having a fabulous summer. Keep enjoying it.

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Sheri said...

Speaking from several years experience here-I would keep her home to school, simply because it sounds like you all will be moving quite a bit; and going in and out of different schools can be a bit much (I did as a kid and hated it!)
Also, it will keep her studies on an even keel...there will be less gaps because you are in control of the stuff she is learning and when. And you will know what she is working on and so forth. Friends are nice, but there are plenty of homeschool groups, activities and other sources for them. And you truly don't want her thinking school is about friends-school is about the educating of her mind. Friends are (and sometimes not) a perk, but shouldn't be the main focus. From what I understand their are lots of military families who choose to homeschool, so check the base for names and groups.
Well, that is my unsolicited advice. Hope I didn't over step my place, just wanted to give you some 'ole lady wisdom.