Sunday, September 13, 2009

A New Adjustment

It has been so long since I have posted anything on this blog. Not only was my last post in August, but the last year has been less personal on the blog. So I had to make a decision on which way I wanted to look at my blog. Could it be a personal space that reflected my family or a space that was more beneficial for the reader or both?

Our military life has made our personal lives stressful for that last 6 months or so, but thankfully things have settled some. In my continued quest to find my spot in our new home, new neighborhood, new state, and new command, I heard God whispering to me "just make a home" and so that is what I have been working on.

My daughter C did go back to school and she is flourishing. She is eager to learn and is making friends and they act all kinds of girly goofy on a daily basis. Her teacher is fabulously organized and is teaching self responsibility. Our goal is to always do what is best for her in regards to school. If we ever feel the need to pull her out of school and homeschool again, there will be no hesitation.

My little boy, J, was very upset that he would be home alone with C gone and his best buddy across the street away at Kindergarten. So we found out about a Pre K program that is at the same school. I have been worried about him going and it has not been an easy transition, but he wanted to try and so we are letting that happen. He is fine during school, but being left there has been difficult, and he is very tired and grumpy at the end of the day. We have just completed our 2nd week and I want him to try for a while longer, but if it does not work then we will move on.

So with 2 in school nearly all day, I can volunteer at the school which I love. I love helping all children and these children are nearly all military kids and so I understand a little of what they are going through. J's class is lively and entertaining, my favorite part is where they read a story and then act out some of the scenes. Imagine 15 four and five years olds acting out scenes to books. To funny.

So I hope that you stick with us as we see where this road leads us. It has been an adjustment and we are hoping for good, positive results all around.

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Tracy said...

Know what you are feeling....we have been here for 6 weeks and we are JUST now feeling settled. :)