Monday, December 31, 2007

Night and Day, I'm awake

Two nights in a row we have lost sleep due to the dog next door. My Husband did not see any sign of a dog when he agreed to this house because the dog is kept in the garage most of the time. Lucky for us the dog gets put on a chain in the back yard @ about 10:00 and whines, barks, and howls most of the night. We are at a loss. It is a delicate balance of keeping the peace with neighbors when you have to share a driveway.

We are off to the mall because it has a carousel and we need to get out of the house. The kids are a bit stir crazy because of the cold weather we have had. C's attitude has gotten much better since moving. She has her own room and insists that no little brother will come in without her approval, but that seems to be their main fights these days. Much different than where we were 2 months ago.

Have a Happy New Year, Amanda

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