Friday, January 4, 2008

Oh, the list I have

I've got quite a few things going on here. Projects galore, I am just like my father. So here goes:
  1. Send in Tricare change forms
  2. Get J an appt. at new Dr for hearing test
  3. Get in touch with school district to schedule hearing test, beginning process for speech therapy evaluation
  4. Sand and paint J's headboard (will it ever warm up)
  5. Sort clothes for our neighbor's little boy. We can finally hand down some clothes.
  6. Dinner, what oh what is for dinner.

Now I also have a list of things that I would like to get for the house.

  1. Curtains for the living room. cream colored tab top panels are my choice.
  2. Picture for above my new couch
  3. Living room rug
  4. Dining room rug
  5. Curtains and picture for C's room
  6. Mattresses for J's new bed
  7. Plants for the flower bed (will it ever warm up)

Now I am off to love on J for awhile. He misses his sister when she is at school. Have a great weekend.


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