Monday, January 7, 2008


Getting up and getting ready for school had gone well up until this morning. I have put the ball in her court. I wake her up and find her some clothes and she has to get dressed and get downstairs in time to eat. She did it, but this was the first "I don't want to go to school" since we started this new school. I am not up for fighting with her in the mornings. So hopefully this will stop, because she saw this morning that I was not going to stand there and listen to it. This is a change for us, normally I have to drag her out of bed and dress her myself because she would put up such a big fight about school. It would get really ugly before we ever left the house in the mornings. I hope that we are not headed back down that road.

I have to give C a whole lot of credit. She bravely faces new school rooms full of kids she does not know, a new teacher, new dance and gymnastic classes, and new churches every time that we move. She handles it great and I am so proud of her.

Monday is wash day around here and I never got the upstairs bathrooms cleaned so I am off. Have a great day. Amanda

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