Monday, January 7, 2008

Menu Planning Monday

I have not planned a menu in a year, but I am back to cooking in my own kitchen again. Here goes:
Monday: Italian Chicken with rice
Tuesday: Cheese and Bean Quesadillas with something else????
Wednesday: Soup, Salad, and Grilled Cheese. I have a recipe for a Mexicali Corn Salad that we may try.
Thursday: Leftovers, maybe some pizza rolls for the kids.
Friday: I want a really good hamburger, so I am not sure if we will eat in or eat out.

My kids love carrots and broccoli with ranch and we have that available for them most of the time. J and I are here during the day and eat sandwiches, soup, and cheese quesadillas. Check out Laura over at Organized Junkie to see other ideas.

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trying said...

I so desperately need to start doing this. I was going to sit down and figure this out tonight so that I can get it all in one big commissary run. Wishful thinking im sure!