Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Another Deployment

So word came down and we are in for another deployment. Ugh! I love my husband and what he does, but the mere mention of a deployment and the stress level rises in the house. Add a dramatic 6 yr old to the mix and things get jumpy around here. So what will he miss while he is gone.
  • the end of 1st grade
  • all of summer
  • dance recitals
  • Mother's Day
  • Father's Day
  • His Mother's birthday (again)
  • swim lessons
  • beginning of school
  • a 6yr old turning 7
  • and many other things

I don't always dwell on the negative, but I have learned I can handle the stress better if I have a list. There are many things that we will get to do before he leaves. Quite possibly a trip to Disney World is in our future. So just when I thought that our lives would slow down it actually speeds up. I still know that i can handle all things through Christ. What a reassuring breath of fresh air that simple verse is. Remembering not to get wound up in the small things, enjoying time with my family, and connecting with a church in our new town are my priorities.

We are off to the library for story time. Have a great day. Amanda

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