Monday, March 17, 2008

Getting settled

When my husband is not deployed to the far sides of the Earth, or training all over the country he is usually home by 5:00pm. I try my best to have the house cleaned up. I usually still have laundry left to do, but don't I always. One other calming thing that I do for myself also benefits the whole family. I walk through the house pick up odds and ends, turning on lamps, turning off overhead lights, closing the blinds, and giving the house a feeling of closing down. It also serves as a reminder to the neighborhood kids, that we are in for the night. I run a brush threw my hair, brush my teeth, and slap on some chap stick or lip gloss. Just a refresher to get us through the night. Although, I fail considerably at times, I try to keep up with this pattern even when I am the only adult here. My kids will calm down better if they are in a calmer place.

I do my best to bloom where I am planted, but it all seems so much harder this time around. He have not been here for very long and we are already dealing with a long deployment. The last time we dealt with deployment, I had an awesome support group in tact. My neighbors and church were fabulous. This time around, not so much. I keep rearranging my living room to make it feel like home with no such luck. When you feel unsettled it will rub off on your kids no matter how hard you try to hide it. My little man is suffering the most. Not knowing how to voice his frustrations, he has gotten pretty short tempered.

I am off the snuggle with my munchkin's. Have a great night. Amanda

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