Monday, March 24, 2008

Menu Planning Monday

I have not posted anything recently because we are sitting and waiting on my husband to be deployed. He was supposed to leave yesterday and he is still here and so we are waiting on word. Talk about nerve racking, the anxiety level is rising here. So I am going to focus on menu planning, if only for a few minutes.

Monday- Roast a chicken. Separate and make chicken salad for lunch. Add BBQ sauce and reheat for dinner tonight, SO, BBQ chicken, Baked beans, rice, and a salad. I may even have chicken left after that.

Tuesday- Some leftover chicken that is not BBQ'd. Add some peas, carrots, corn, and pasta add some mayo or Italian dressing (but not both). Bread, If Hubby is here he will probably eat the leftover BBQ chicken as well

Wednesday- Grilled pork chops

Thursday - Dance night. We pick up Chick Fil A for the kids. Hubby and I usually eat sandwiches or leftovers. he has usually eaten by the time I get home. Of course we have no idea if he will be here this week or not.

Friday - Pizza, not sure if we will make or buy.

That is our week and it is kind of nice to have that planned out since my mind will be occupied otherwise. Head over to Organized Junkie and see other Menu Planning Ideas. Have a great week.

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We are THAT Family said...

Oh, when I read that my heart just sank. Deployed. It's a big dose of reality for this little mom while I sit here safe in my home knowing my hubby will come home this week, while yours might be leaving. Thank you. Thanks for serving our country and keeping us safe.