Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Birthday - Part 2

Sweet Girl! I hope you know how happy we were to have you in our lives. We know longer felt like a couple with a cat and dog, but we felt like a family. A very tired, clueless but happy family.

The next day, Grammie was scheduled to fly into Baltimore to stay with us for a couple of weeks. She was hoping to be there for the delivery but you beat her here.

The day after you were born (could have been the day of) Walter Reed Army Hospital had a fire and many of the patients were evacuated to Bethesda. So your DaDa did not get his 2 weeks of vacation that he was looking forward to. Instead he worked more than he wanted to assist the hospital in care for more patients that they knew what to do with.

At home, you had begun spitting up a lot, crying a lot, and making me a nervous wreck. I could handle the spitting up, but when your crying turned to screams in the evening I was clueless. The doctor's said you would grow out of the screaming, that if I would relax that you would to. I wanted to smack that doctor.

And then the world stopped spinning. On September 11th, you were 2 weeks and 2 days old. Your Dada was once again whisked off the hospital and then to the Pentagon. He was able to call and tell me to go home with his parents who had driven up just 2 days before when Grammie flew home. We got in Memaw and Poppy's car and headed south, it was a long drive because you did not like being in the car seat. Once we got back to Grammie's house, I finally felt more relaxed. I knew I had someone to help me while I worried about where your DaDa was and what he was dealing with.

After 1 week in the south with your grandparents oohing and aahing, your DaDa came to get us. We had 3 weeks to get our apartment ready to move to our next duty station. Once again we had extra stress on us, but we were beginning to build confidence in ourselves as parents.

My girl, you have been everywhere with us. We have hardly ever gotten babysitters, choosing instead to take you and your brother with us. You have handled many moves, many separations from DaDa, and lost more friends than you can remember from our constant moving, but you handle is all with strength and courage that I am amazed by.

I hope that you had a Happy Birthday. I am sorry that your DaDa is not here, be sure that he was thinking of you on your day. I look forward to many more birthday's celebrated with you.

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