Friday, April 3, 2009

Kinda sweet

Please ignore this haircut, this is after he had cut it himeslf. Every kid does that once, right?

This morning my sweet boy got up a little bit earlier and crawled in bed with me. I loved the little bit of time that I got to spend with him before sister woke up. We didn't even get out of bed. We giggled and tickled and snuggled. I was reminded how fast he is growing and one day he will not want to giggle, tickle, and snuggle.

Once he and sister were up and at em, I was left behind. I was back to being the mom that tells them what to do. I am trying to teach J to put up his own clothes, the folded ones at least. When I handed him the clothes that I had folded he asked me to come help him put them in the drawers. Not, I don't want to do it or you do it, but he asked for help in doing it himself. Hooray!

Kind of bitter sweet. Not wanting him to grow up but celebrating in the growing and learning that he is doing.

Right now I am a distant memory as he plays with the little boy that lives on out street. They are all boy and can get a little rough at times. What amazes me is that with one extra kid in the house I can get more done.

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