Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Math Mammoth

Math has been one of those subjects that has confused me. Not the math actually, but all the available sources for good math programs. Also, C is pretty good at math, not genius but she catches on without much hesitation.

Prior to receiving Math Mammoth, we had been working with an old workbook and real life scenarios. Not a bad way to keep up with math skills, but I was unsure of how to introduce new math problems.

Can I say right now that I am not looking forward to multiplication tables in 3rd grade. Shivers!

We received Math Mammoth addition and subtraction, fractions, place value, and measuring. She has been introduced to all of these subjects and we easily moved from page to page alternating days between each subject. I liked it and when I was motivated I remembered to pull out the manipulatives that I came up with to make things more tangible for C. Some of our favorites are:

counting bears
pom poms

Math Mammoth is great for those who like to do worksheets. C is not one of those kids, so I spruced things up with hands on ideas for her.

My favorite part of the Math Mammoth is that you can but what you want. You can buy an entire grade level curriculum or you can break things up if your child has different needs. Whether you buy the downloadable form, CD form, or printed text you can afford Math Mammoth and then use what you have on hand to make it tangible if you need to. I print off the page we need, stick it in C's workbox, and she calls me if she has a problem or to explain what she needs to do. There is nothing scary about that kind of math.

Check out Math Mammoth.

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