Monday, April 27, 2009

WiteShop Primary Book A

WriteShop Primary Book A came at just the right time for us. We were in need of something a little bit different from what we had been doing, but we needed more writing in our day. Although I should be requiring more of C these days, I liked this book because she liked how simple it was. I would think that any child that knows how to write could use WriteShop. I think that this book or any of their other books would be a great summer practice book.

Book A begins with writing a small story with the teacher's help and encouraging children to speak and write in complete sentences and slowly works up to more specific instructions with more detailed answers. All the while, your children are improving their reading, writing, and comprehension skills.

The first book, Primary Book A is $26.95 for the print version, plus shipping and handling or e-book version for $24.95 and no shipping and handling. Personally, I was happy with the e-book version, I printed nearly every page, but we have and will use it all.

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